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About Us


Des and I (Heather) have been friends since the 7th grade! Which was a REALLY long time ago - we don't have to get into specific numbers. We have always walked on the different, unique, and more wild side of life and we're proud of that. 

Several years ago my mother started suffering from epilepsy out of the blue. The doctors never could figure out what was causing it and why it suddenly started happening. It was completely random with no rhyme or reason and no medical treatment seemed to work. So, she turned to an all natural and organic lifestyle to try and battle against it. She started making homemade organic products to replace everyday household and skincare items. She made soap, shave gel, body butter, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, etc. The list goes on. Sadly, my mother ended up losing her battle in the crazy year of 2020. 

However, she would be SO proud and tickled that Des and I have picked up where she left off and continued to make these products, and add a few of our own original recipes as well. It is our hope that we can continue to honor my mother's legacy while providing these products with a promise to always be simple, natural, and trustworthy. It is our dream to one day have a brick and mortar botanical shop, but for now please check out our site and don't be afraid to shoot us a message and say hello! 

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